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2020 Focus on the Finish Matching Fund

Praise the Lord for His continued provision for this ministry!

We have been offered a $650,000 matching fund opportunity. This is the largest match the ministry has ever been offered and we are elated to share this news with you.

But, let me be extremely clear and transparent; this will not at all be an easy task. It will take each one of us giving all we can and bringing others along the way. We have complete faith that God will provide through people like you and through those you will introduce to the ministry. We are attempting to meet this match in an extremely difficult economy and social climate…and with very limited time to do so.

Your partnership will be paramount in helping us achieve this goal.

Why did we choose the phrase Focus on the Finish? Today, more than ever before, we are distracted by so many temporary things. We are inundated daily with things that pull us away from our main reason for existence as believers; to go and make disciples. We need to FOCUS on what God has called the Church to do; evangelize and disciple. And what do we mean by FINISH? All throughout the pages of scripture, we are told to FINISH well and to live as if Christ’s return is imminent. Many of you would agree that the Spirit of God is moving and the return of Christ is growing nearer and nearer. The events of the modern-day world seem to be thrusting things even closer. We must FOCUS ON THE FINISH by seeing every last soul redeemed before His return. The time is now and demands our full attention!

We are asking you to give all that you can, both generously and sacrificially, from now until the end of the year.

We are asking you to pray fervently for these funds to come in so the eternal impact will be even greater.

$250,000 of this match must come from new givers to the ministry or someone who has not given in the past 24 months. This is designed to help us connect with new partners.

We have a short time frame to reach our goal of $650,000 as we can only count gifts through December 31, 2020. Very soon Christ will return, and this may be His final altar call. The time is now.

Please do your part! And, keep an eye out on social media and our website for updates.

Let’s do all we can for as long as we can until Christ returns! All for His glory.