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Kenya Open Air Meeting

A Growing Ministry

I take this opportunity to thank God for the life and the chance to work with this noble ministry. I have been evangelizing for twenty years, but since I joined Reaching Souls, my ministry has been enlarged in a way I could not imagine. I can truly say today that before I joined the ministry two years ago, I thought my work was great, and I was praying to God to enlarge the territories, but I did not think my prayers would be answered through Reaching Souls.

When I joined, I was given the ministry’s working equipment; though I was happy, I did not know how much they would impact the work. Today I can testify that many people have been brought to Jesus though the sound system I was given, the flip chart and the other equipment. I preach in some of the chief’s meetings, sometimes to the count commissioner’s meetings, schools, colleges, and in some churches near our areas. I can also say that the number of open-air meetings, door-to-door outreach, and one-on-one evangelism has increased. May the Lord bless the supporters of Reaching Souls International for what you have brought to us. We are praying for you. It is really a great help you gave to my ministry.

Thank you.

Samuel Kenya