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Helping In Cuba

Feeding The Hungry

In the midst of difficult times, when food shortages loomed over our communities, a determined group took a brave initiative to provide support to those who needed it most. As the year began, we set out to bring hope and comfort to the most vulnerable homes, especially those housing the sick, elderly, and people in need. We did it in a unique way, carrying the Word of God and sharing a plate of food with those who desperately needed it. 

What happened next was truly wonderful. As we toured the homes, we were greeted with joy and gratitude by those we were visiting. The joy that emanated from their faces upon receiving our help was palpable and touched us to the depths of our hearts. We discovered that we were not only providing a plate of food but also feeding the spiritual hunger of those who so generously opened their doors to us. 

Each home we visited became a sanctuary of love and hope, where the Word of God was received with open arms. The stories of faith, courage, and resistance we heard at every turn inspired us and strengthened our own faith. We experienced the beautiful truth that, in the midst of material scarcity, love and the spirit of solidarity can flourish in surprising and moving ways. 

Ariana Cuba