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Light In Darkness

A Light in the Darkness

This month, I visited a market where we could be with each of the merchants, talking to them about the love of Jesus and praying for each business. Some people decided to give their lives to Jesus. It is beautiful to see that it comes out of themselves to decide to follow Jesus. 

I also traveled to a nearby city where we took an afternoon with a group of young people to carry evangelism on the city’s main streets. It was an incredible experience where I was able to share with this entire group of young people. In the park, traffic lights, trucks, and streets, I could see the great need that there was in this city, and the very kind people accepted our prayers. At the end of this time of evangelism, we took time to sing praises loudly, and many people came to see what was happening. They received a tract, a word, and prayer. I feel so joyful that many people accepted Jesus and were channeled to the churches of that city!! 

We were called to be light; this is the best time to go out and lift up His name and announce the virtues of Him who called me from darkness to His light. 

Jasmin Mexico