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Worship on the side of the road

A Neighborhood Unreached by the Gospel

I had the opportunity to go out to a mission field 3 kilometers from town. I went out with a group of Timothy and young people with the purpose of delivering New Testaments to various houses in the neighborhood and transmitting the Word of God.

This neighborhood had not been reached with the Gospel, so it was a good opportunity to assist them with the Word. After walking around this place and preaching in the neighborhood, we took the opportunity to gather the people of the community by the side of the road to have a time of worship together so that they could perceive the way in which the Christian people praise God. We had a minute with the young people and later, I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel.

Even though there were several people around who didn’t want to know what we were doing, God glorified Himself once again, and after making an appeal, 20 people stepped forward and gave their hearts to Christ Jesus. We joyfully encourage them with God’s Word and pray for their lives and families. I thank the Lord for this opportunity to be able to be His hand at work and that these lives will be given to Jesus Christ. There is joy in the Kingdom of Heaven.

José Cuba