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People in Cuba praying in the sreeet

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God Changing Lives in Every City

Roberto tells us with great joy that he went to preach the Word of God. At a town in need of the love of Christ, where 64 souls received the Lord in their hearts.

A family, where the grandmother was educating and taking care of her two grandchildren, what a love of that person, received us with great joy. She and her grandchildren received the Word of eternal life with joy. Souls prepared by God. How good it is to know and see God’s master plan touching hearts.

I also praise God because I went to the city to preach the Gospel of the kingdom and we arrived at a neighborhood. After traveling 170 km, we were walking down the street preaching the Gospel, and after passing 50m they called us and we returned. We entered the house they invited us in. It is the house of an 89-year-old Christian. She had quadriplegia for 33 years. Her suffering children could not explain why God did this to their mother. They were very overwhelmed. I asked them if they were Christians. The answer was no. Only one daughter said yes. For the glory of God her son, her granddaughter and niece received Christ with joy. The Lord touched their hearts. The woman’s prayers reached heaven. We pray for rest for her. God manifested his great power and eternal plan. God is always in control.

It was very impressive to see 184 souls come to Christ in a town, where entire families received Christ, lives filled and impacted by God’s love and His Word. Likewise, in another city the glory of God became notorious where 182 souls said yes to Christ. It was very special in this region to see how many young people received Christ, glory to His name.

Glory to God!

Roberto Cuba