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A Witch Doctor’s Disciple Becomes a Disciple of Christ

When we were preaching the Gospel in the village on February 14th, I and my two Timothies reached a certain man’s house, a witch doctor. He was together with his disciple called Benny and other people. Benny was at the house of his master the witch doctor. He was doing his daily activities there. Benny was born in a traditional family, and he had been a witch doctor’s disciple for about nine years.

We preached the Gospel to all the people that we found at that house. There was the witch doctor together with his wife, their children, two of his clients who were there for incantations, and his disciple Benny. We preached the word of God to them all concerning salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ. We taught them that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He is the only One who can give the real salvation to all human beings.

Further we taught them that He has a mighty power and authority to deliver the people from the evil spirits and to cure any type of sicknesses, and He can give you a free gift of eternal life if you receive Him as your personal Lord and Savior.

After preaching the Gospel to them at that place, only Benny entrusted his life to Jesus Christ. He was touched by the word of God, and he couldn’t even waste his time meditating in order to dismiss his master at that specific time. He just surrendered everything to his master, and he became a Christian. Now, Benny is serving the living God from my church, and he has become one of my Timothies in Jesus name.

Mario Mozambique