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Zambia Mountain

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Meeting Jesus on the Mountain Top

Today God helped us to win 10 souls to Christ while conducting prayer and fasting on the mountain.

While I was on the way to the mountain for prayer and fasting for 21 days, accompanied by my Timothies. We found some people on our way to the mountain whom we greeted and asked them to spare some time to listen and they accepted.

Now, my Timothies allowed me to share the Gospel of Jesus with them and I used my PA System to preach the message of hope through Christ’s death on the cross as it is shown in the picture.

Upon concluding my message from Mark 8:36-37, John 3:16 and Isaiah 1:1-4, they all accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and promised to start coming to our church for their spiritual growth.

On the following day, five of them: Peter, Mutinta, Mary, Mark, and Jude were baptized in the local dam and are now full members of our church. While others are yet to be baptized.

Thank you Reaching Souls International for you support that helps us do this ministry.

Charles Zambia