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Redeemed from Addiction

On April 6-8, 2023, I went on a mission trip to the village in a nearby district with 8 members of our church. During the mission, we divided into 3 teams to visit 9 families who were facing difficult circumstances, including drug addicts. We gave them gifts, provided them with water filters, and shared with them about Jesus Christ. In 3 days, we reached out to 47 people. One characteristic of this area was that they were very poor and many were drug addicts. When they saw us come to give them gifts and share with them about the ministry of rescuing drug addicts, most of them accepted Jesus and asked to join the church to be saved from drugs.

There was a 14-year-old boy, the son of the village chief, who had been addicted to drugs for 3 years. He came to us and brought his family of 4 to the center to follow Jesus, and they asked me to pray for them. After 3 days 26 people received Jesus. It was an emotional trip as we witnessed many people accepting Christ. However, this area is a new border region, so we encountered many difficulties in taking care of the people due to the local authorities and border guards making things difficult for us.

We earnestly hope for the prayers of our fellow servants of God for the ethnic minority groups, for the drug addicts to be transformed, for them to overcome poverty, and for those who have believed in Jesus to be cared for.

Cao Southeast Asia