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Preaching In Burundi

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Reaching the Unreached

My name is Eduard. I am of the TWA family. A tribe that has been neglected and discriminated since longtime ago by the Burundian society. A people that even the missionaries never dared to approach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A people that could not be reached as they considered us dirty. But I am now saved by the grace of God and serve my God as an evangelist missionary, working under the umbrella of the Reaching Souls International in Burundi.

Let me remind my readers that the Burundian nation is composed by three tribes: Hutu, Tutsi, and the TWA. I cannot take it for granted as I have been honored to be among the favored of God, as I have been selected among the so many who came to sit for the interview. I am therefore privileged to take the Good News of Jesus Christ to the lost, including my people, who are actually the least-reached, with the Gospel. Glory to God. Some people call it luck, but as for me, this was a reward from God that I serve as He had promised me longtime ago. This is the result of the hard labor in His work. May God Almighty richly bless all those who are giving cheerfully to support the harvesters in God’s kingdom.

I am pleased to share with my readers the testimony of what the Lord is doing through me as I serve Him in the ministry appointed to me by His gracious love. I have seen Him through many times.

On Tuesday, March 28th, 2023, along with my Timothy, I went to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the village. It was morning at around 9:00 AM. It was a sunny day and we walked as it was not far from our homes. My brother took the Peavey while I just took the drum and the flip-chart. It was good to go by foot as we enjoyed evangelizing to people that we met on our way.

As we started with worshipping God first, my brother led us with the hymnal song in Kirundi and immediately introduced me to the people as the preacher of the day. I read from Luke 19:1-10 telling the people that God had remembered us as His children as His love has never known discrimination. No segregation in God’s kingdom. Whoever accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is welcome in His kingdom and made heir as a priest and king.

After just a short sermon, I invited the people for an alter call. Fourteen souls were won to the lordship of Jesus Christ. But the greatest miracle is that of a TWA colleague who had been practicing witchcraft, as it’s abundant in Burundi, came to faith in Jesus Christ, renouncing on the evil ways of divination and accepting to follow Him as his Savior. He invited me to his shack whereby he took all the things he used as a sorcerer, and we burnt everything. He was immediately baptized along with the thirteen which had been won to Jesus Christ.

Glory to Jesus

Eduard Burundi