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Pray For James

I went to do an open-air meeting at a village nearby. I met James who was the leader of the traditionalists, the Big Dance or Tradition Beliefs. These people practice a certain belief in the spirits of the dead people or their ancestors. This man knew that I am a National Missionary, and on that day he called me and asked me a question about my belief as a Christian. I thanked God in my heart that this is the best time to share the Good News to that man. I shared to him from the Romans 3:23 and 6:23. Then I took him to the book of John 5:16 and I tried to explain to him clearly on what the Bible teaches us about our sinful nature and what God did for us to be saved. I saw him paying attention to what I was telling him.

During our discussion, James started shaking his head showing that he was getting what I was sharing with him. When I saw that now he is in line with me, I then referred him to John 3:16 -18 and Revelation 3:20 where the Bible says that He is knocking on the door of a sinners heart so that if he opens, He will get into that heart and be in that person. I explained to him that the Bible says that Jesus is the only way, truth, and life. So, I told him that the one who is lucky is the one who chooses life. Then I gave him the choice to choose life or death. He said he has chosen life. I then led him to pray a sinner’s prayer which he did.

We had a wonderful time and then we finished our day with prayer. Then I encouraged him to join a church. But he asked me about my church which I told him that I am a Baptist pastor. He then chose to join Baptist. I referred him to a pastor nearby his village for him to be baptized and I promised him that I will be following up with him if he has been baptized and how his spiritual life is going.

After some months I called him, but he told me that his friends had started opposing him for this decision which he had made. But he assured me that he will not change his mind because in just a short period of him being among the believers, he has experienced a more loving spirit than where he was in the past. He is serving the Lord with his whole heart. Pray for James so that he can be a wonderful weapon in God’s kingdom.

Gastern Malawi