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Claudine Healed

Claudine’s Healing

When we went to the village of Rukori, we met a lady (on my left, the one in a yellow dress) called Claudine. She had a serious problem which brought about a persistent disease caused by spirits from sorcerers. Here they are called horns and when someone has them they disturb the person, and make them scream, especially at night. After knowing that this woman had the same problem, we shared the Word of God.

After, we prayed for her, and immediately she was healed from her illness. All who heard this were amazed. Surprisingly, the people in this photo came to me and said that they have been sharing the Word of God and praying for her, but in vain. Claudine with other 47 people accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and was baptized the same day. Today they always call us to come back because of the good times we had on that day. We really thank God for the miracle he performed through us by healing Claudine from that terrible disease.

Jean Rwanda