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Cuban woman accepts Christ

Transformation & Restored Faith

In the midst of our evangelistic work, we met a brave and strong woman named Maraiza. About 10 years ago, Maraiza experienced a devastating loss. Her beloved 11-year-old daughter passed away, plunging her into deep grief and bitterness toward God. Despite our previous attempts, she rejected the Word of God. However, we decided to persist in bringing her the message of salvation, trusting in His divine plan.

Recently, a shocking twist took place. Maraiza opened the doors of her heart and home to receive the love and light of Christ. With tears of repentance and gratitude, she came to our home to confess her desire to give herself to the Lord. To the glory of God, Maraiza has accepted Jesus as her personal Savior.

Now, Maraiza is a living testimony of transformation and restored faith. She enthusiastically attends our church and boldly shares how the power of God has renewed her life. The pain that once consumed her heart slowly fades away as she clings to the path of light and truth with determination. In every step of this story, we see the hand of God working wonders and renewing lives. We will do mighty deeds in Him and bring hope to those who feel lost.

Tomás Cuba