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Malawi Testimony

God’s Plan, Greater Than Our Own

Many times we can plan our way, but we never know what God has planned for us ahead of our plans. It was on October 14th, 2023, in the afternoon, when I and my 2 Timothies went to conduct an open-air meeting at the local trading center. We went by bus just because it was far from where we were coming from. Upon arrival at this area, we had a good time asking permission from the chairperson of this trading center. Then they gave us permission to do what we planned.

We visited people in their homes and shared to them the Word of God using Gospel tracks titled ”Everlasting Life,” but they are in our language, Chichewa, and the flip chart which we were given by Reaching Souls. Our sharing with them was based on four discussion questions. The questions were:
[1] What is everlasting life?
[2] What way did God the Father provide us in order to have this everlasting life?
[3] If one will miss this everlasting life, what will happen?
[4] What must be done for one to receive everlasting life?

It was a wonderful day which we enjoyed the participation of the communities, for they were all showing much interest on what we were sharing to them. We saw them touched and so convicted we gave them answers based on the Bible verses which were on that same track, like John 3:16, 5:24, 6:40, 17:1-3, and 1 John 5:11 and we concluded with John 6:43-47. At the end, we instructed them on how they can make a commitment of accepting Christ to be their Lord and Savior of their life. We saw a good response from many of them. Twenty-four people gave up their life to Jesus; after we prayed with them, we told them to have a believing church for them to grow spiritually.

These people then asked us that as we have helped them to make that good choice, why not start a church so that we can continue the good work we have planted in their area. We accepted to do as they asked to us knowing that these people were hungry for the Word of God and if we will just leave them without anyone to help them, then they will backslide. The decisions these people made gave us the word that God has his own ways of making everything exist. This is how we have planted a church called First Miracle Assembly. One of my Timothies is the one who is leading this newly planted church which started on October 15th, 2023. Pray for this church and for God to continue using us in a mighty way.

James Malawi