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Javier Testimony

I Want To Be A Preacher Like You

The story of Javier’s conversion is a powerful testimony that reminds us of the power transformer of the love of Jesus Christ. He was a young man who suffered in silence from the practices and idolatrous beliefs of his family and the evil spirits that tormented him in his grandmother’s house. For more than fifteen minutes, we spoke to him about the plan of salvation and the mercy of the Lord. Javier paid close attention to our words and at one point, he confessed his fears and desires deeper. It was then that he decided to give his life to Christ and accept Him as his Lord and Savior.

His joy and enthusiasm were evident, and he said he wanted to share the Good News with his family too, so that they could know Jesus and leave witchcraft behind. It moved us so much to hear him say “I want to be a preacher like you,” because that meant that he had understood God’s call to carry His message of love and hope to the world. We invited him to our evangelism service that night where he shared his testimony, and he inspired us all with his bravery and faith.

My wish is that Javier continues to grow in his knowledge of the truth and prepares to fulfill his desire to become a pastor or preacher. I thank God for touching him with His love and for allowing us to be part of his path to salvation. Javier is a fruit for Christ, a brave young man determined to follow in the Lord’s footsteps. His testimony reminds us that there is always hope for those who seek the truth and have faith in the love of God. Thank you to our sponsors for supporting us in our work to bring the message of salvation to those who need it most.

Juan Cuba