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Se Asia New District

The Transformative Power of God’s Love

I, along with my two Timothies, embarked on a mission to a new district to bear witness to the Word of God. Entering this new land, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease due to the differences in culture and language, and the fact that it was my first time approaching the locals. However, God’s grace was evident, just as the Bible says, “The fields are ripe for harvest.”

When we reached a family grappling with drug addiction, a significant number of villagers gathered to hear us speak about the addiction recovery ministry and the Gospel. We reached out to a familiar acquaintance, who kindly purchased food for us, allowing us to invite everyone to share a meal together. This communal dining experience proved to be the perfect opportunity to connect with them and share our testimonies about God.

Following this session, seven individuals accepted God into their lives, with three of them being addicts who sought assistance from our recovery center. Among these seven, two individuals underwent the Baptism ceremony. The joy was not limited to those who received God’s grace; it was also a testament to the growth and boldness in faith of our fellow missionaries. In closing, this mission trip reaffirmed our belief in the transformative power of God’s love and the importance of spreading His message to those in need.

Bodhi SE Asia