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Cuban Woman At Door

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I Stood At the Door and Knocked

When I knocked on the door of this lady’s house, she was talking on the phone. After introducing myself and telling her that the reason for my visit was to bring her a word of hope and Good News, to talk to her about God, she immediately interrupted her conversation on the phone. I was shocked to hear her say to the other person: excuse me but I have someone standing at the door of my house that I have to attend to because I really need what she has come to tell me. We can talk at another time. She hung up the phone and invited me in.

I presented her with the plan of salvation and with joy she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and she told me: I don’t believe in anything but God. Although as a child I have been taught other beliefs. I really needed that word that you have brought me. Thanks for visiting me… all the Glory be to God.

We are glad to see how people recognize their need for God.

Isabel Cuba