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Raising Up Leaders in Zimbabwe

On one of our Reaching Souls International trips, I went to a nearby region. We received news that one of our leaders who pastored that region’s congregations had left the church and he had gone to South Africa to look for employment. He was the overseer of 3 congregations there. Now he had gone and had left the 3 congregations without a shepherd.

We quickly made preparations and traveled to the rural area. We went to do three major things. We went to put shape and order to the congregations that were already there, to preach and win more souls to the Lord, and also to revive those who were getting weaker by the day.

This trip was different. We were going to meet people whose leader had left them. So, we made sure they were stable and secure. We therefore selected some mature men and did as much as possible to establish and equip them because we wanted them to take the leadership role after we were gone.

During that week we did some door-to-door evangelism and mini-crusades during the evenings. Many souls were won to the Lord in three villages in the region. All these areas were places where our members were. So, we just equipped them and they helped us to do the work. About 60 souls were won at the first village, 75 at next, and 90 people were won at the third. We are so happy that rural areas receive the Word wholeheartedly. They are more receptive to the Gospel than those in urban areas.

We thank the Lord for the trip.

John Zimbabwe