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Maria, National Missionary

Physical Food and Spiritual Sustenance

On Saturday mornings, the place known as Expoferia is open to the entire town, the area where agricultural products are sold and can be purchased. In this place and on that day, with prices not so high, hundreds of people come in search of food for physical sustenance. As hundreds of people gather there, I consider it a magnificent option to transmit the Gospel, and this last Saturday, I was able to deliver nearly 250 tracts to the same number of people.

Some briefly listened to the message of salvation and accepted Christ. Others asked me to tell them more about the Gospel, and a few paid close attention, wanting to know what the plan of salvation consisted of. Because it is a constant coming and going from one queue to another in search of food it is hard to say how many heard the Gospel. They give part of their time, and in their eyes, you can see that they want to listen, but they are attentive in the search for food to take to their houses. After making their purchases, many of these people looked for me to find out where they could go to continue listening and “meet,” as several of them told me.

It was surprising to me that some, with bags in hand and backpacks on their backs, asked me to speak to them about God’s plans and asked for other tracts to read and spent much more time than others to whom the Word of God had been preached. Right there, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of Saturday in search of food for the body, more than a dozen people said they accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior, which constitutes the spiritual food necessary for everyone. It was an unforgettable experience, and I want to continue going to this place on Saturdays, as long as God allows it, to extend the Kingdom and give Him all the glory.

Maria Cuba