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Evangelism in Mexico

Women Reaching Women for Jesus

Thank God for this month as we reached many women for Jesus.

Last March 9th, I did a day of evangelism since March 8th was International Women’s Day. Through social networks, acquaintances, and friends in faith we attended the CDMX zocalo, with the sole purpose of speaking to them of Jesus. I attended with my two daughters. We arrived by Metro transportation in the morning. We met with some sisters who brought flowers, sweets, and desserts with a message of love and hope. It was beautiful to see how they responded to the call, and we began to evangelize in the streets.

I met two foreign women; my daughter approached them and said hello! And told them how they are loved by Jesus. She gave them a flower, and they, very moved, told us their travel story (they are women from Venezuela and have a great need for asylum and justice). I began to pray for them, and they accepted Jesus!! It was wonderful to see this. Some women rejected us, but others were shocked to know that in Jesus, they are accepted and forgiven.

Afterwards we went to a busy street to distribute flowers and hugs, in their ears we said, you are valuable to Jesus, you are accepted, you are forgiven by Jesus. Some were crying, and we prayed for them. Some were even police officers and very pleasantly accepted the flower, the hug, and a prayer. At approximately 1 pm we left the place with great joy, thinking about returning with the same dynamic for women. Even though we had done very little since Mexico is one of the main countries where there is violence, suicide, and other problems towards women. I have a great burden for these women, and I would like to continue doing this. I hope many more people will join and share the message of salvation. And thank you to the Reaching Souls team, through their donations, we can continue organizing days to share with the power of Jesus Christ.

Mariana Mexico