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Pray for SE Asia

I am grateful to God for granting me the opportunity to embark on missions and spread the word to various nations. I express my heartfelt thanks to God for allowing me to conduct six missions in November 2023, where 104 people had the chance to hear the Word of God. Out of these, 16 individuals returned and accepted the Lord, joyfully joining the congregations in worship.

To our dear benefactors, I humbly request your prayers for these 16 individuals. May they continue to grow in their faith and knowledge of God. Additionally, I ask for your prayers for those we’ve witnessed to but who have not yet accepted God. May they soon come to understand and embrace the Lord. I am profoundly thankful to God for a mission that, despite its challenges, unfolded without significant difficulty. I acknowledge God’s protection and guidance throughout the journey. However, the mountainous terrain posed its own challenges, with narrow roads and frequent rainfall. Despite these obstacles, we pressed on, often having to lead the way on our motorcycles. The thought of a smoother road ahead kept our spirits high, and we found joy in the fact that God had chosen us for this service.

I seek your prayers for myself, that I may have more opportunities to go out and bear witness to those nations unfamiliar with God. May they hear the Word of God before His return, leading to salvation for them and for us all.


Ren SE Asia