We are all CALLED to share the Gospel.

Reaching Souls provides leadership training, financial support, and accountability. We empower local evangelists to reach their home communities with the Gospel.


Focused on What Matters

How does Reaching Souls invest in eternity?

Check out our video to see how God is using partners like you to reach His people with the Gospel every day.

For a full breakdown, we invite you to read our Annual Report.

An Eternal Impact

While there is much good to be done in the world, our mission is simple: to reach the maximum
number of people for Christ in the least amount of time in the most efficient way.





Doing More, Together

The value of a soul is priceless. But we know that for every dollar invested
in Reaching Souls National Missionaries, more people come to Christ.

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Built for Times Like These

News & Stories

Surrender By Faith

After years of praying about partnering with these women evangelists, the door finally opened for Reaching Souls. We started by adding women National Missionaries in three countries.

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I Am Hannah

One of these women significantly challenged my understanding of oppression and left an indelible mark on my heart.

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Three Truths for Women to Claim in Their Unique Call to Ministry

Women serve a profound purpose in the Kingdom of God. Women of faith are set apart in value and design, uniquely qualified for the distinct calling in which they can and will bring many souls to salvation.

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3 Effective Methods for Reaching Souls for Christ

When it comes to reaching people for Christ, there is no time to waste. We must work strategically and swiftly to advance the Gospel.

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